Conversion Vans: Top Choice of the World’s Most Elite

What do the Jolie-Pitt family, Shaquille O’Neal, Senator Rick Santorum, Michael Jordan, Jay Cutler, Paul Ryan, Jay-Z and Beyonce, Lebron James and Hillary Clinton all have in common? Besides fame, fortune and positions of power, they are all happy owners of Conversion Vans! Conversion vans have so much to offer. Luxury, space, comfort, amenities and the ability to seat up to 8 people. They can also be personalized to suit your needs and tastes. Explorer, based in Warsaw, Indiana exclusively … [Read More...]

America’s Best Selling Van: Ford Transit

America’s Best Selling New Van: Ford Transit It’s not new news that Ford has hit some rough patches in sales over the last few years. But the new Ford Transit brings hope! Leave it to a conversion van to revive the companies less than exciting numbers. The recently introduced line almost doubled the companies numbers in the month of December ’14. That month alone produced 10,030 units, for an annual total of 20,488 sold. The Ford Transit has taken the van industry by storm and has earned the … [Read More...]

The Camper Van Checklist: The Essentials for a Memorable Road Trip

The Camper Van Checklist: Making Sure You Have all That You Need For Your Next Camping Trip (And the Extra Space From the Stuff You Don’t!) There is an old saying among camper van enthusiasts. It goes a little like this “Take all that you think you need and stack it up in your living room. Take half of what you have staked up away and you’ll still end up with more than half of things in front of you that you’ll probably never need!” It’s quite easy to get carried away with packing up … [Read More...]

Vans by Van Gogh: The Art of Airbrushing Your Van

Vans by Van Gogh: The Art of Airbrushing Your Van When you think of painted vans, its easy to think of the 1960’s and 1970’s Volkswagen vans decorated with flowers and peace signs. I personally think of the ‘mystery mobile’ scooby doo and his crew toted around in looking for ghosts (who never turned out to be supernatural). Get those pre-conceived visions out of your mind, airbrushed vans can be jaw dropping works of art. A bumper sticker or license plate holder may not be enough to … [Read More...]