The Camper Van Checklist: The Essentials for a Memorable Road Trip

The Camper Van Checklist: Making Sure You Have all That You Need For Your Next Camping Trip (And the Extra Space From the Stuff You Don’t!)   There is an old saying among camper van enthusiasts. It goes a little like this   “Take all that you think you need and stack it up in your living room. Take half of what you have staked up away and you’ll still end up with more than half of things in front of you that you’ll probably never need!”   It’s quite easy to get … [Read More...]

Vans by Van Gogh: The Art of Airbrushing Your Van

Vans by Van Gogh: The Art of Airbrushing Your Van When you think of painted vans, its easy to think of the 1960’s and 1970’s Volkswagen vans decorated with flowers and peace signs. I personally think of the ‘mystery mobile’ scooby doo and his crew toted around in looking for ghosts (who never turned out to be supernatural). Get those pre-conceived visions out of your mind, airbrushed vans can be jaw dropping works of art. A bumper sticker or license plate holder may not be enough to … [Read More...]

Ten Ways to Keep Your Van Clean (even if your lazy!)

  Ten Ways to Keep Your Van Clean! (Even if your lazy)   10. Don’t Eat in Your Van! If you can avoid eating in your van you will also avoid crumbs, wrappers, stains, cartons and the inevitable ‘mystery’ smell that usually follows after a french fry falls between the seat!   9. Wax it Occasionally! Buying some wax at O’Reillys or any other auto maintenance store and applying it after a good wash will go a long way. Waxing your car occasionally will give it … [Read More...]


Questions and Tips for Buying a Wheelchair Van

Questions and Tips For Buying a Wheelchair Van: Purchasing a wheelchair van, especially if your a first time buyer can be an overwhelming experience. Bellow is a list of tips and questions to consider when searching the market. We encourage gathering as much information about wheelchair vans as possible. The best way to obtain education on these vehicles is to consult with one of our mobility experts. Our staff is well versed on the many types of equipment and options to choose … [Read More...]