Purchasing power: Tips for buying a Used Conversion Van

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Purchasing Power: Tips for buying a Used Conversion Van

Conversion Vans just may be the automotive industries best kept secret. They are rugged and sporty much like a RV, but with the comfort and amenities of a luxury SUV or sedan. They are at a much lower price point than a RV, without the hassle of parking and costly RV maintenance. They are also commonly less expensive than eight passenger SUV’s, but with more luxury customizations and versatility.  If you are interested in having both adventure and luxury, the Conversion van may be just the perfect vehicle for you.

With so many options and customizations available, where do you start to look for your used Conversion Van? The following is a step by step guide of things to consider when purchasing your new vehicle.

1.What exactly are your needs?

How many people are you planning on traveling with? Are you planning on sleeping in your conversion van when camping or road tripping? What kind of entertainment would you like available to you on the road? How much space for gear is necessary, would you be interested in a high top or a low top van? These are some of the questions that come up when searching the market for a used conversion van. Writing down an extensive list of your personal travel needs is the best place to start. The great thing about conversion vans is they can be tailored specifically to you. When searching for a used van, looking for specific customizations that cater to your road trip functionality is going to be the best way to find exactly what you want. The market for used conversion vans is large, with a bit of research you are guaranteed to find a vehicle just right for you and your family or friends.

2.Pay attention to the basics.

Often time’s buyers can get so excited about all of the bells and whistles that the basics can be left out. Make sure that the used conversion vans engine and transmission pass standard quality assurance tests. The engine should look clean and run smoothly. Thoroughly inspect the engine and transmission in order to ensure there quality is comparable to the amount of miles on the vehicle.  Fortunately used custom vans are often times in great condition because the original owners take such pride in their personalized travel vehicle. Making sure not to neglect the major engine parts is a key point that should come up in any used car purchase.

3. Warranty Options

Look into what kind of warranty options the dealer you are buying from offers. Buying a used Conversion Van with a certified warranty will relieve a lot of anxiety you may have over your purchase. Check and see exactly what is covered under the warranty and for how many miles. Also if possible verify the reputation of the dealer you are buying your van from. How long has the dealership been in business? Do they generate return buyers?

We invite you to check out our inventory of used Conversion Vans at Classic Vans. All of our vans pass rigorous inspections and come with certified warranties. Each vehicle is detailed to look brand- new. Just because you’re buying a used van doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to feel new!

Getting your Vehicle ready for Winter


Getting your Vehicle Ready for Winter.

The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, holiday decorations are slowly starting to appear. You may or may not be ready for winter but your car most certainly should be. While most weather adjustments for your vehicle can be made on your own, it is important to be aware that some safety precautions should be left to the professionals.

Get your car in for a comprehensive vehicle inspection:

Extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold can put a strain on your vehicle. Taking your car in for the proper 40 point inspection can help avoid waiting for a tow truck in a cold blizzard. A thorough inspection is ‘bumper to bumper’ and is focused on the following three key issues.

  1. Prevention
  2. Safety
  3. Maintenance

A certified mechanic and body shop can play a key role in the safety and longevity of your vehicle. It may seem like a hassle but a bi- yearly inspection can help you avoid potential weather hazards.



Your tires are the four points of contact your vehicle makes with the weather ridden road. Snow, ice, rain and visibility are some of the hazards your car encounters during the winter. Keeping these challenges in mind, no safety expense should be spared with your tires.

Always ensuring that your tires have the right amount of tread is crucial to your safety. Hydroplaning in rain or ice is a phenomenon that can be very frightening and potentially fatal. In some regions with constant snow fall it is a good idea to get winter tires. Winter tires are designed with a compound that is malleable far below freezing allowing for the tire to adhere better to the roads.

As the temperature drops, so does the pressure in your tires. Making sure all of your tires are properly inflated is extremely important, including your spare!



Your battery’s output could potentially drop as winter temperatures decrease. It takes up to two times more current to keep your battery activating a cold engine. This is called cold cranking amps (CCA). Colder climates require a batteries higher CCA rating.

Heating system:

Aside from keeping you comfortable in your vehicle during cold weather, your heater is directly linked to the health of your cars antifreeze. 50/50 combination of antifreeze and water will protect up to 0 degrees C.

Getting your heating system checked for leaks is another crucial part of maintaining your vehicle. Your block heater and cord are needed to keep the engine warm in colder temperatures. It is important to maintain those as well.


Emergency Kit:

You can never be too safe by making sure that a well stocked emergency kit is stored in your car. Some of the following are things to consider putting in your kit just in case a roadside emergency occurs:

-ice scraper

-food/water (water bottles/snack bars)

-tire gauge

-blanket/set of warm clothes

- flash light

-small scraper

-windshield wiper fluid

-booster cables

-flare/reflective lights

-tire changing kit

-first-aid supplies

Make sure you and your travel companions are well prepared this winter!








Making the Most out of your Conversion Van: Maintenance Guidelines

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Making the Most out of Your Conversion Van: Maintenance Guidelines

Loving the freedom and adventure your new Conversion Van allows you? To ensure maximum mileage with the least amount of time spent in the repair shop, it is important to know some basic maintenance guidelines. Minor repair issues are bound to occur in all cars. The key is to remain one step ahead to eliminate a small problem from getting out of hand.

Change Your Oil!

Clean oil is a key factor in keeping your beloved conversion van running like new. Fresh oil keeps all of your vans internal moving parts from grinding against each other. The hydrodynamic layer coats each part and is essential to a smooth inner mechanism.

Oil is also responsible for dispensing of combustion-by-products. Clean oil keeps these substances from attacking the motors internal parts.

Don’t forget with all of the fun and exciting trips your taking in your Conversion van to change that oil every 6,000 miles.

Brake Check

Pretty common sense rule: If your hearing squeaking or grinding while breaking it is best you take your Conversion Van in for a brake check.

It’s very common for dust to gather in your vehicles break drums. This will cause a squeaking or grinding noise and likely means your brakes have been worn down.

Having your conversion van inspected by a licensed mechanic at the first sign of a problem will ensure your vehicle is maintained efficiently and no further damage can occur.

Tire Tread!

With all of those adventurous trips you’ll be taking, quality tires will be an important component. Frequently checking your tires tread depth to make sure their grooves aren’t too worn down will keep you and your passengers riding safely and smoothly.

Make sure to look for ‘cupping’, which is a series of flat spots on the edge of the tread. Check all tires to ensure even wear and make sure to take note of any bulges in the tires sidewall that can mean an internal issue.

A safe and smooth road trip in your Conversion van is most always a good one. Having a yearly membership to AAA, travelers or any other roadside assistance company can really come in handy. If you feel unsure or have any questions about maintenance issues call a licensed mechanic at the first sign of trouble. Happy road trip adventures!

A Truly Versatile Vehicle: The Conversion Van

Silver executive ext. 161A Truly Versatile Vehicle: The Conversion Van:

Perhaps the most versatile automobile on the road, The Conversion van combines adventure, luxury, and entertainment. With the amenities of an R.V., more passenger and cargo space than an SUV and the plush interior of a European sedan, conversion vans should not be overlooked when browsing the market for your next vehicle.

Interested in traveling the open road but not looking for the hassle and costly maintenance of a large R.V.? The Conversion van is the perfect substitute. Conversion vans have the ability to turn third row seating into a comfortable bed for travel. Their size gives lots of space for luggage and road trip gear. Endless customization options from entertainment systems to small kitchen appliances allow for you to have the amenities of an R.V. with out the outrageous gas mileage and difficult parking. Smoother handling gives the driver and passengers a much more relaxed ride.

Looking for an alternative to a SUV? Conversion vans offer more passenger space and more overall bang for your buck! From state of the art entertainment systems to customized high quality leather interiors, conversion vans are a far more comfortable ride. With similar gas mileage and at a lower price point, the Conversion van is a clear choice when compared to current SUV’s on the market.

Number one in spacious amenities, road going comfort and luxurious custom interiors, Conversion vans are undoubtedly the best deal on the market when shopping for your next full size plus vehicle.

Conversion Vans for the Handicapped: Providing Safety, Comfort and Independence








Life with a physical disability can be quite challenging. Comfort is a huge factor in the quality of day-to-day living. Choosing the right vehicle to transport you or your loved one  with a disability can be an overwhelming decision. Conversion vans with special modifications for the handicapped offer a lot of added elements of comfort other automobiles might not.

Conversion vans are more spacious than the average vehicle, allowing for extra leg room and space for the passenger and their wheelchair. Caregivers have more space to attend to the passenger with the disability.

Motorized valet seats powered by handheld remotes can be added to help passengers rise and enter the van comfortably and safely. Hydraulic wheelchair lifts can help passengers and their wheelchairs enter in the same comfortable and safe fashion.

The luxurious features of a conversion van also add to a more pleasant voyage. T.V’s, computers, video game consoles and I-pod docks are all features that can be installed in vans to provide passengers with entertainment options during a long trip.

110-Volt outlets located in the rear of the van allow for any additional medical equipment to be hooked up.

Traveling with a disability can be both fun and adventurous when equipped with the right vehicle to suit your specific needs.

We invite you to continue browsing our blog and general site to learn more about the features handicap vans and other vehicles designed for the disabled.