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Silver executive ext. 203Explorer Van Conversion: America’s Vans

Company Philosophy:

When discussing van conversions it’s difficult to have a conversation without mentioning Explorer Van’s. Located in America’s heartland, Warsaw, Indiana, Explorer Van offers unparalleled quality and attention to detail when manufacturing their vehicles. Habitual owners of Explorer Van’s will often express enthusiasm and appreciation for quality when talking about their beloved conversion vans.  With the enduring company philosophy that “We deliver more, not less than we promise”, it is easy to see why Explorer Van is a leader in the market.


In 1980 the automotive industry was in a major slump. The economy was at an all-time low since the great depression and car dealers were the first to feel the financial struggle. Father and son team Bob and Steve Kessler had taken notice to the lack of quality in the Conversion Van industry during this time. They were appalled to see the small group of van conversion companies selling vehicles with little interest in the needs of the customers. These companies goals lied solely in creating quickly turned over product with little integrity or quality. In November of 1980 Explorer Van Company was born. Its credo would be to create a van with the consumers’ needs in mind while maintaining an innovative, quality product.

Bob and Steve soon after purchased their first chassis from a car dealer in Detroit, Michigan. To this day that company remains an Explorer Van dealer. Hiring skilled carpenters, electricians and automotive specialists, The Kesslers’ began to create Vans of incredible style and quality. The first was completed in December of 1980. Today Explorer Vans severs more than 300 dealers from coast to coast. That same attention and passion for making a great conversion van lives in every one produced.

Explorer Van’s Today:

In order to ensure that only top quality vehicles are produced, Explorer Vans has over 100 craftsmen oversee their product.  From lighting, wood components, interior seating and design; each vehicle Explorer manufactures must live up to rigorous standards.  Year in and year out, Explorer Vans is the country’s dominant conversion available on the market.

We invite you to take a look at Classic Van’s inventory of Explorer Van Conversions. We work closely with the Kessler family to provide our customers with nothing but the best.

Roadtrek Class B: The Surest Way to an Exceptional Road Trip

conversion van, summer travel  Roadtrek Class B, The Surest Bet to an exceptional Road trip

In 1974 Jac Hanemaayer had a vision. Combining the comfort of a large motorhome with the convenience of an easy to drive, compact van was conceived.  In 1980    Roadtrek motorhomes entered the recreational vehicle market. With a sweeping roofline, 3 section layout and lowered floor, the Roadtrek motorhome was born.

Since 1990, Road trek has been recognized as the best-selling Class B motorhome. Roadtrek offers a full line of Class B motorhomes built on Chevrolet and Mercedes chassis ranging in all sizes and styles. There is the smaller Ranger, the mid-size Agile and a host of other models varying all the way up to full size coaches. Road trek has also produced the industry’s first environmentally friendly E-Trek. Models such as TS Adventurous offer unrivaled luxury; they are the road trip vehicle choice of rock stars.

Class B motorhomes in particular have two great advantages compared to larger Recreational Vehicles. First off, they are the far more affordable way to travel and camp. A used Class B Roadtrek at Classic Vans will run you about 50K less than a class C or class A motorhome!  They are far more fuel efficient than their larger relatives (class C and A). Secondly, storing your Class B Roadtrek is no problem. These motorhomes can be accommodated like any other full-size van. A Class B Roadtrek can be easily parked at a home, apartment or office.

There is a reason why owners of Class B Roadtrecks are repeat buyers! They are manufactured with a high degree of quality and an innovative spirit. Whether it be a trip along the coast or a cross country voyage to your desired National Park, the Class B Roadtrek will get you there in unparalleled style and comfort!

Please scroll to our inventory of Class B motorhomes including the Roadtrek and several other conversions including Pleasure-way, Gulf Stream and Chinook. Classic Vans prides itself on carrying the highest quality selection of Class B motorhomes on the market. With a flat rate, nationwide delivery, Classic Vans will have your motorhome delivered to you in a matter of days. Talk to our experts today about finding the perfect Class B to fit your adventure needs. http://www.classicvans.com/camper-vans/

2015 Ford Transit

2015 Ford Transit

Ladies and Gentleman, 2015 is here! The times they are a changing and the future is present! Flights to the moon are not as unattainable as they once may have seemed. Google has come out with glasses that have a few more features than dad’s spectacles. My grandma has a twitter account! (not so sure about that one.) Ford has announced that it has ditched its bread-and-butter E-series and the new Transit will be replacing the Econoline after 53 years.

What does the Ford Transit have to offer taking us into 2015? Well first of all the term “full-size” doesn’t quite to it justice. For starters the load floor is barley more than a knee high. The side door is huge and hitting your head on it will be a distant memory. If you are less than six and a half feet tall you now have the ability to stand up all the way. The Transits windows offer a view that was never possible in the Econolines’. Riding in a Transit is smooth and comfortable to be quite frank.

The Transit does everything from hauling cargo to carrying people. The cargo van is available in three roof heights and three body lengths. The transit offers configurations covering 8,10,12 and 15 passengers seating!

The three roof heights offered are low (247 cu.), medium and high (up to 487.3 cu.) The body lengths offered are at 130-inch wheelbase, 148 inches and 148 plus inches (custom, extended body).

As compared to a previous Ford full-size van, the transit offers much higher fuel economy. The EPA estimates an average rating of 14-city/19 hwy/16 combined MPG (actual mileage may vary).

SYNC* technology offered by Ford takes the Transits personal technology to the next level. Hands Free calling, voice commanded entertainment and 911 assist make the Transit the cargo van of the 21st century.

The Ford Transit really combines capability, technology, thoughtful features and power train options. It truly is the full size van of the Future!

Top 2015 California Ski and Snowboard Destinations

Silver executive ext. 203Top California Ski and Snowboard Destinations for 2015

Christmas has come and gone. Decorations are taken down, the relatives are on their way home (hopefully) and gifts have been exchanged. Hopefully you were on Santa’s nice list and are now the proud owner of a Luxury Conversion Van or Class B motor home! If your name was not that high up on the nice list, you may have received a new pair of winter skis or snowboard instead! Being the proud owner of a Conversion van allows you to travel to your winter fun destinations in style and comfort. Here are some of the top rated resorts in California you might want to check out this winter ski season.

1.Mammoth Mountain Ski Area

Located in beautiful Mammoth Lakes California, this ski area boasts some of the best snow this winter has to offer. With an impressive 400 inches of annual winter snowfall and the highest summit elevation in the state of California at 11,053 ft, Mammoth is the top rated ski resort in California. You can find Mammoth in the southwest corner of the Volcanic Long Valley Caldera on the eastern edge of the states Sierra Nevada Mountain Range. They offer 3,500 skiable acres and a 3,100 ft. vertical drop! The resort offers modern accommodations, expansive terrain options and an extended season that can be open as late as July.



 2.Sierra- at –Tahoe

Established in 1946, Sierra-at-Tahoe is one of the Lake Tahoe areas largest ski resorts. The resort offers 14 chairlifts with access to 2000 acres of skiable terrain and 2,212 feet of vertical. There are also 5 back county access gates to Huckleberry Canyon, a beautiful open area of the rolling Sierra Nevada. Located in bustling South Lake Tahoe, Sierra-at-Tahoe is a great destination for the ultimate winter getaway.


(530) 659-7453

 3.Badger Pass

Badger Pass is one of the West’s original winter play lands. Built in 1935, Badger pass offers a family friendly atmosphere that is enjoyed time and time again by those who visit. Affordable ski and snowboard lessons, child care, rentals and one of the best sundecks in the Sierra make the resort a great place to make winter memories. Located in the Central Sierras allows for the trip to be more easily accessible from southern and Northern California.


(209) 372-8430

 4.Bear Mountain

Located in Southern California’s San Bernardino Mountain Range, Bear Mountain is the bottom half of the states go to ski destination. Bear Mountain offers 200-acres of snowtastic adventure and is in particular a snowboarder’s delight. The resort has plentiful freestyle terrain including rails, boxes and 4 pipes. The bar at the bottom of the mountain serves up great food and drinks; it is a favorite spot to hang out after a long day on the slopes.



 5.Bear Valley

One of the most scenic backdrops of all the California resorts, Bear Valley is located along highway 4 between Tahoe and Yosemite. The resort offers family friendly accommodations’ and is great for skiers and riders of all ability levels. The resort is known for being one of the high Sierras most relaxing ski and snowboard destinations.





History of the Beloved Conversion Van

Silver executive ext. 161History of the Beloved Conversion Van

Conversion vans are the automotive industries best kept full sized vehicle secret. While SUV’s, mini-vans and station wagons may seem to be more prevalent on the road; when you see someone outfitted in a specially tailored Conversion van, you can’t help but take a double look. Conversion van owners are usually repeat buyers. When you purchase your very own, personally designed van, it’s difficult not to fall in love.

The Conversion van first came into popularity in the 1970’s and 1980’s. The early models were simply vans with additional seats put in them. They were used for travel, cross country adventure and as a means to transport more people all together. You may be thinking of shag carpet, curtains and murals painted on the sides. The Conversion van was a baby of the 70’s, and the free spirit of that era still remains; however with a much more practical and luxurious approach.

One of the pioneers of the industry is Dan A. Welsh. In Goshen, Indiana; Welsh started Rockwood Vans in the summer of 1977. Indiana has since become the hub of American made Conversion vans. Several other Conversion van companies started to sprout up as a result and by the early 1980’s these vans had come into popularity.

Around the mid 1980’s, Conversion vans began to offer luxurious interiors such as wood paneling, lighting and thick leather seating. Families and retirees began to take notice and found these vans useful for travel, camping and day to day activity. Amenities such as fold down sofas for sleeping, cooking utilities and televisions were added, brining the Conversion van in alignment with 21st century living.

Today conversion vans offer technology and luxury with the same spirit of adventure. More aerodynamic and fuel efficient models have been manufactured making their gas mileage comparable to that of a larger SUV. Heated seats, blue tooth, navigation, blue ray dvd players and videogame consoles allow for you and your family to travel in ease in our fast paced society. The options for customizing your van specific to your needs are endless! Check out what a Conversion van can offer you in 2015!