Camping in a Conversion Van


What are the joys of camping? 

The Best Parts of Camping

Camping is a wonderful and easy way to get some time off from our hectic schedules. Rarely do we get a chance to relax in complete silence. There is nothing like being outdoors and enjoying the fresh air. Camping is a time to share experiences with your friends and family. How often do you get to lie beneath the stars looking for consolations, or make s’mores around a camp fire while telling ghost stories? Experiences like these will create memories that will last a lifetime. There are many different ways you can camp. 


Types of Camping


  • Tent Camping
  • Camper or RV Camping
  • Pop-up Trailer Camping
  • Motorcycle Camping
  • Cabin Camping
  • Backpacking Camping
  • Pack Animal Camping
  • Glamorous camping (Glamping)


Camping in your conversion van is a quick and easy way to escape just for a weekend. Camping in your conversion van can be one of the easiest ways to camp. 

Camping in a tent will always be a favorite and traditional way to camp. Many campgrounds in the United States have become more glamourous; providing cabins, indoor restrooms, laundry facilities, air conditioning, and even Wi-Fi, hence the nickname “glamping.” So why not “glamp” in style?

Conversion vans are quickly becoming the “go to” way of traveling and camping at a lot of these campsites. Many conversion van owners are exploring the options of campgrounds that are equipped with water and electrical hook-ups, but still offering the experience of camping.

Fun Activities while Glamping

Hiking is and will always be one of the most popular activities to do while camping. Many of these campgrounds offer maps with different trails for many levels of hiking. Some campgrounds even offer other activities, such as aquatic fun, and tours exploring nature. Many campers also look for campgrounds close to a lake and river, which creates even more activities, such as swimming, boating, water skiing, tubing, and fishing.

Camping is a great way to get the family together for a quick getaway. Get away for a weekend, or even longer. There are so many activities to enjoy, whether you’re camping in a tent or in your luxurious conversion van


Class B Motorhomes

Are you one to travel the road, but don’t want to own a huge motorhome? Would you prefer a smaller vehicle that offers the same essentials, as one of those larger motorhomes? If you answered yes to either of those questions, than a Class B motorhome is just what you need.

A Class B motorhome, while being quite similar to a passenger van, varies in size, due to its living and sleeping space. Because of a Class B motorhomes similar frame size and motor as a passenger van, a Class B motorhome is easy to maneuver.

A Roadtrek is a great option and something you will love to ride in. With its style and luxury, you won’t be able to resist taking a road trip whenever the opportunity arrises. Including features such as beds, entertainment area, living space, kitchen, and bathrooms; a Class B motorhome will quickly become your vacation home.

Classic Vans has a large selection of both new and used Class B motorhomes to pick from. With such variation, and great customer service, we guarantee that we will be able to figure out your perfect match for all of your needs. Our website includes a complete inventory and can easily be navigated, with photos, prices, and features.



Servicing Your Class B Motorhome

Classic Vans shop is able to help with all of your needs, including everything from having work done, to something as simple as a fluid change. We have exceptionally skilled mechanics, who can help assist you with any questions that you have and any servicing you need. We will do whatever it takes to fulfill your needs in a timely manner, so that you can get going on your next road trip!

If you have any servicing questions, give us a call today at (866)-370-8222. We’d be happy to assist you!

Parts for your Class B Motorhome

Having a hard time finding a part for you Class B motorhome or conversion van? Talk to our knowledgeable staff and have them help you find what you are looking for.

We Deliver Class B Motorhomes Nationwide!

It doesn’t matter where you live, Classic Vans delivers nationwide! Find your perfect Class B motorhome or conversion van, but unable to come to California to get it? We offer you the option to deliver that motorhome or van, right to your doorstep!

Give us a phone call with any questions regarding our Class B motorhomes or conversion vans and we would be happy to help you! Our friendly staff will be able to answer any questions you have and we look forward to hearing from you. You can reach us at (866)-370-8222.


We Sell Vans to Canada


Classic Vans Utility Vans is located in California. With such a large supply of conversion vans, we are the place to go if you are looking to buy. Right now is an excellent time to purchase a conversion van and we even sell conversion vans to Canada.

With the help of Classic Vans sales team, buying a van from Canada can be extremely easy. Here is all you need to cross the boarder:

  • A bill of sale for the van, marked paid in full.
  • A letter from the manufacturer indicating no outstanding recalls.
  • A clear certificate of title.

At the border, customs will be looking to see the GST based on the bill of sale totals and then, you will be on your way! It’s surprisingly easy and we will help you with each step.
If you have any other questions about purchasing a conversion van from Canada call 1-510-538-3150.

Vacationing in your Conversion Van

When you have a Conversion Van accessible, you have the world at your fingertips No longer do you have to worry about high-priced flights for you and your family, or even hotel rooms because your conversion van can be used for both travel and stay. So just get packed and go. Here are a few tips that will help you be prepared when traveling.

Make a List 

Make a list and check it, check it, check it. Have a talk with your family and come to an agreement on the essentials that you will need while traveling. As you pack, keep your list handy and make sure you check each item that you pack. That way, you know you have everything packed and ready to go. The list should consist of food, cooking utensils, articles of clothing, and some games. Those are just the basics, so be sure to think of anything else you may need. As you get ready to hit the road, make sure everything on your list is checked off and that you didn’t forget anything.


Prepare for Cold and Hot Temperatures 

When you’re staying in your Conversion Van, and the temperature drops low, you want to be sure you have enough blankets for those chilly nights. Same goes for hot nights. In a hotel room, you can go ahead and control the temperature of the room, but not in your conversion van. You want to be prepared for all types of weather. There are a few companies that also make space heaters that just plug right into the cigarette lighter, so if you know you will be in a cold area, that may be something you want to look into.

Act like your Camping


When you’re staying in a conversion van, you will most likely be staying in something like a campground or an RV park. Places like these will allow you to set up a tent and sleeping bags. Having those handy can make for a nice night, falling asleep underneath the stars. If it gets to be warm in your conversion van, setting up a tent can help prevent you from an uncomfortable night sleep. So make sure you consider packing a tent and sleeping bags!

Feeling Crammed and in Need of More Room?

Surprisingly enough, you may feel that your van doesn’t have all the room for everything you pack up and the bodies that will be occupying it. With all of your clothing, camping supplies, and food, sitting comfortably in the van may not be possible. You have options! If you have extra seating, you are able to easily take seats out of the vans and make more room. You can also bring a trailer that attaches to the back of the van which will give you lots of extra space for all your necessities.


So get packing and hit the road!




Road trippin’ in a Conversion Van


Having four children and working full time is quite a task. We decided it was finally time for a vacation. But finding a time that works with all of our schedules, is close to impossible. After much planning and rescheduling, we finally were able to pick a destination. San Diego it was! My husband and I booked a week in a house right on the beach. I began counting down the days until we would be laying in the sun, on the beach, relaxing.

Of course we mentioned to our friends, our plans to get away. And what was their first question? “How are you guys going to get there?” When we told them that we decided to take a conversion van, people looked at us in awe. “All of you guys will be going in one van? With all of the kids, for that long drive?” We knew that it was possible, and actually quite a pleasant drive. But no matter how much we tried reassuring them that it was great, they looked at us as if we were crazy.

Regardless of what was said, we’d done this before and were happy to do it again.

As our departure day approached, we shopped and packed and were ready to take off. We woke up early Monday morning and loaded up the van. It was packed with suitcases, bags, and coolers filled with food. Our beach towels and umbrellas were randomly poking out between suitcases and we were ready to hit the road.

The drive was very pleasant. Having four kids, arguments always seem to arise, but luckily with this conversion van there is enough space for everybody. Everyone was able to do their own thing in the space we had. The boys were watching a movie, and one of my daughters was getting into one of her novels. They all were able to stretch out, sit back, and relax as we continued on the road.

I was of course sitting in the front seat and had plenty of room to enjoy my book, while occasionally checking back on the kids every so often. As the weather heated up throughout the day and we began to blast the cool air which felt amazing. We periodically made stops along the way to use the restroom and stretch our legs, and grab some lunch.

When we finally arrived in San Diego, our real vacation began, and it was a wonderful one. Our drive back was a bit lighter, having eaten all of the food. But the food was now replaced with souvenirs. It was time to head on home.

We got out of vacation mode and back into real world mode, and the big question among our friends was “How was it? And how was the drive?” Everyone was surprised at how smoothly our trip went. I went on to tell them how comfortable the trip there and back was, and how good the gas mileage was. I even encouraged them to give it a go and rent a conversion van. Next year we’re planning on a trip across the country and plan on using a conversion van the whole way!