Roadside Assistance and your Mobility Van

Wai Lam Wong's Big Foot WheelchairThings to Consider: Roadside Assistance and your Mobility Van

Finding yourself in a situation with your vehicle malfunctioning can be extremely stressful. Having a disability or traveling with passengers that require assistive equipment and being stranded on the road has the potential to cause that much more stress. Being properly prepared in such cases can make the difference between a hiccup and a nightmare, especially when dealing with a wheelchair or mobility van. Car problems are unfortunately just a part of owing a vehicle. Planning ahead and making sure that in the case of a roadside emergency, you, your vehicle and your mobility equipment will be taken care of can eliminate the potential for a huge fiasco.

Tips to Avoid a Roadside Disaster

1..Shopping for proper coverage: Roadside assistance companies can make a lot of promises. Making sure that your mobility vehicle falls under the list of cars they offer coverage to is the first step. If you have purchased your vehicle from a certified NMEDA dealer and your car is still under warranty check and see if you already have roadside assistance.  If your vehicle is past warranty or was purchased from another party here are several companies to check out

-          ADA Auto club: A nationwide roadside assistance program specifically designed for people with wheelchairs (1-800-720-3132) or Compare rates and benefits with other companies

 2. Towing: Do they offer towing to your place of choice, or a specific dealership only? How many miles are they covered to tow your vehicle before they charge additional fees (very commonly 100 miles is the maximum they will tow under coverage).

3.Sign up for exactly what you need: Many roadside assistance companies will claim to offer all sorts of deals and additional services. Find a plan that fits the exact type of traveling and day to day driving you will be doing in your mobility vehicle. No need to pay additional fees for services that will not be used.

4.Verify your particular mobility equipment can be transported: Doesn’t hurt to be extra cautious. Verify that if you have mobility equipment such as scooters or chairs, particularly anything custom, your roadside assistance provider will be able to transport it.

5.Be prepared: In addition to having roadside assistance, it can be a good idea to pack an emergency travel kit. In remote areas or in stormy weather tow driver arrival times can be delayed. Packing an extra bag with bottled water, snacks, hazard lights, anoraks etc… can come in handy while waiting for your assistance.

Being prepared for a roadside emergency is the best way to be able to drive with the confidence and assurance you deserve. Come check out our NMEDA certified mobility vehicles at Classic Vans. We can help you get on the road in a quality mobility van you can count on!

Tips for Trading in your Used Conversion Van

Silver executive ext. 161Tips for Trading in Your Used Conversion Van

You’ve been so happy over the years with your Conversion Van. It offers the thrill of adventure; un paralleled luxury, personalization and versatility for you and those you ride with. But it’s almost the year 2015! It’s time for an upgrade! No worries, used conversion vans are great vehicles for a trade in. Conversion van owners often take great pride in their vehicles and usually maintain them with the utmost care. Although you may have been to all fifty states and back in your car, used conversion vans are often highly sought after by dealers. Following a few of these tips can help ensure you get the best deal on your trade in and the most bang for your buck on your new Conversion Van or other vehicle.

1.Take your Conversion Van in for a comprehensive diagnostic test.

Taking the time to take your used Conversion Van into a certified mechanic is a great place to start your trade in. Have them perform a thorough test on the engine, battery, heating, cooling and electrical system. This will help you properly evaluate the condition of your vehicle. This can also help you avoid some major maintenance issues that may make a dealer wary of giving you more for your Van.

2.Clean the Interior!

Does your van look like a family of farm animals have been residing inside? Taking your car to the local car wash for a thorough detail can make a huge difference in the trade in process. A clean interior shows pride and care in the ownership of your vehicle and makes you look like a more serious customer to the dealer. For as little as $40 you can present a vehicle that looks years newer on the inside.

3.Clean the Exterior!

Just as you did with the interior, the exterior of your Conversion Van is no different. Get your van thoroughly washed and waxed. Bringing in a van with dirt and grime on the outside reflects the customers’ lack of care. The dealer will pick up on this and not take you for the savvy consumer you are!

Conversion Vans: NFL Quarterbacks Ride of Choice


Conversion Vans:  NFL Quarterbacks ride of choice

Conversion vans offer the most versatility and luxury on the road as far as full sized vehicles come. With the ability to seat 7- 10 passengers, combined with the elegance and technology of a high end luxury sedan or SUV, they seem to be catching the eye of some NFL elite.

According to reports, Chicago Bears star quarterback, Jay Cutler arrives to Soldier Field in a white Chevy 2500 manufactured by Explorer Van Co. in Indiana. Cutler, a new father of two young boys drove to training camp in Bourbonnais, IL in what he calls his “Dad Style’ ride. While practical enough for a family with the ability to haul luggage and seating for nine, the Cutlers are riding comfortably and in style.  The Chevy 2500 can also be equipped with flat screen TV’s and video game outlets for entertainment. That’s probably why bears teammate Matt Forte tweeted he can’t wait to play video games in Cutlers van.

The great thing about conversion vans is that you won’t need Jay’s $126.7 million dollar salary in order to get one of your own. A van like the cutlers brand new will cost you around $60,000 and there are many great used conversion vans out there for much less.

Cutler is not the only NFL quarterback finding the luxury and ruggedness of Conversion Vans to be a winning choice. Washington Redskins backup quarterback Kirk Cousins is driving a 2000 model he purchased from his grandmother. Cousins has said that his van that rides “High and Comfortable” and is perfect for road trips with his wife in the off season. His van is complete with a fold out sofa and a TV.

Both Cutler and Cousins have a multitude of options when it comes to purchasing a vehicle of their liking. They are proud owners of these luxury Conversion Vans and recognize the versatility and comfort they offer to themselves and their families.

Purchasing power: Tips for buying a Used Conversion Van

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Purchasing Power: Tips for buying a Used Conversion Van

Conversion Vans just may be the automotive industries best kept secret. They are rugged and sporty much like a RV, but with the comfort and amenities of a luxury SUV or sedan. They are at a much lower price point than a RV, without the hassle of parking and costly RV maintenance. They are also commonly less expensive than eight passenger SUV’s, but with more luxury customizations and versatility.  If you are interested in having both adventure and luxury, the Conversion van may be just the perfect vehicle for you.

With so many options and customizations available, where do you start to look for your used Conversion Van? The following is a step by step guide of things to consider when purchasing your new vehicle.

1.What exactly are your needs?

How many people are you planning on traveling with? Are you planning on sleeping in your conversion van when camping or road tripping? What kind of entertainment would you like available to you on the road? How much space for gear is necessary, would you be interested in a high top or a low top van? These are some of the questions that come up when searching the market for a used conversion van. Writing down an extensive list of your personal travel needs is the best place to start. The great thing about conversion vans is they can be tailored specifically to you. When searching for a used van, looking for specific customizations that cater to your road trip functionality is going to be the best way to find exactly what you want. The market for used conversion vans is large, with a bit of research you are guaranteed to find a vehicle just right for you and your family or friends.

2.Pay attention to the basics.

Often time’s buyers can get so excited about all of the bells and whistles that the basics can be left out. Make sure that the used conversion vans engine and transmission pass standard quality assurance tests. The engine should look clean and run smoothly. Thoroughly inspect the engine and transmission in order to ensure there quality is comparable to the amount of miles on the vehicle.  Fortunately used custom vans are often times in great condition because the original owners take such pride in their personalized travel vehicle. Making sure not to neglect the major engine parts is a key point that should come up in any used car purchase.

3. Warranty Options

Look into what kind of warranty options the dealer you are buying from offers. Buying a used Conversion Van with a certified warranty will relieve a lot of anxiety you may have over your purchase. Check and see exactly what is covered under the warranty and for how many miles. Also if possible verify the reputation of the dealer you are buying your van from. How long has the dealership been in business? Do they generate return buyers?

We invite you to check out our inventory of used Conversion Vans at Classic Vans. All of our vans pass rigorous inspections and come with certified warranties. Each vehicle is detailed to look brand- new. Just because you’re buying a used van doesn’t mean it doesn’t have to feel new!

Getting your Vehicle ready for Winter


Getting your Vehicle Ready for Winter.

The days are getting colder, the nights are getting longer, holiday decorations are slowly starting to appear. You may or may not be ready for winter but your car most certainly should be. While most weather adjustments for your vehicle can be made on your own, it is important to be aware that some safety precautions should be left to the professionals.

Get your car in for a comprehensive vehicle inspection:

Extreme weather conditions, both hot and cold can put a strain on your vehicle. Taking your car in for the proper 40 point inspection can help avoid waiting for a tow truck in a cold blizzard. A thorough inspection is ‘bumper to bumper’ and is focused on the following three key issues.

  1. Prevention
  2. Safety
  3. Maintenance

A certified mechanic and body shop can play a key role in the safety and longevity of your vehicle. It may seem like a hassle but a bi- yearly inspection can help you avoid potential weather hazards.



Your tires are the four points of contact your vehicle makes with the weather ridden road. Snow, ice, rain and visibility are some of the hazards your car encounters during the winter. Keeping these challenges in mind, no safety expense should be spared with your tires.

Always ensuring that your tires have the right amount of tread is crucial to your safety. Hydroplaning in rain or ice is a phenomenon that can be very frightening and potentially fatal. In some regions with constant snow fall it is a good idea to get winter tires. Winter tires are designed with a compound that is malleable far below freezing allowing for the tire to adhere better to the roads.

As the temperature drops, so does the pressure in your tires. Making sure all of your tires are properly inflated is extremely important, including your spare!



Your battery’s output could potentially drop as winter temperatures decrease. It takes up to two times more current to keep your battery activating a cold engine. This is called cold cranking amps (CCA). Colder climates require a batteries higher CCA rating.

Heating system:

Aside from keeping you comfortable in your vehicle during cold weather, your heater is directly linked to the health of your cars antifreeze. 50/50 combination of antifreeze and water will protect up to 0 degrees C.

Getting your heating system checked for leaks is another crucial part of maintaining your vehicle. Your block heater and cord are needed to keep the engine warm in colder temperatures. It is important to maintain those as well.


Emergency Kit:

You can never be too safe by making sure that a well stocked emergency kit is stored in your car. Some of the following are things to consider putting in your kit just in case a roadside emergency occurs:

-ice scraper

-food/water (water bottles/snack bars)

-tire gauge

-blanket/set of warm clothes

- flash light

-small scraper

-windshield wiper fluid

-booster cables

-flare/reflective lights

-tire changing kit

-first-aid supplies

Make sure you and your travel companions are well prepared this winter!