Quick Tips for a Cleaner Van!

Conversion vans are a summer vacation’s best companion! Whether it be for a fishing trip with the guys, Disneyland with the kids or a romantic lake getaway with your spouse, your conversion van can evolve into any vehicle you need to make your summer trip more memorable! However, maintaining the exterior of your conversion van after all of the exciting trips you go on takes some serious work! On a sedan or smaller vehicle, keeping the windows clean with soap and water is a pretty simple … [Read More...]

Conversion Vans: Practical in So Many Ways!

Conversion vans are perhaps the most versatile vehicle a family can own these days. With plenty of room for cargo, travel gear, seating for an entire family and more, conversion vans can be your everyday vehicle in addition to a home-away-from-home when traveling. How do you go about merging the family vehicle with the travel van? For starters, you may be concerned about how to fit your conversion van in your garage at home. There is the notion that a high-top conversion van will not fit … [Read More...]

Technology Making Life Easier: New & Exciting Advancements for those in Wheelchairs

In the beautiful Bay Area, wheelchair vans are helpful getting you to where you need to be. Whether it is a day out visiting a museum or an appointment at the doctor’s office, your customized mobility van is a reliable way to get you or a loved one to the desired destination. However, for wheelchair users who rely on themselves to physically push their chair where they need to go, this can be extremely tiring and energy straining. Fortunately, advancements in wheelchair technology offer … [Read More...]

Why Choose a Camper Van for your next Road Trip? So many Reasons!

There is absolutely nothing wrong with traveling the open road in an RV. Venturing across the country in a plush bus can be a great way to ensure you have everything you might possibly want at your fingertips. However, sometimes you can get the same amenities and just as great satisfaction out of a smaller outfit. A Class B motorhome or camper van, for example, comes with some compelling advantages: 1. They’re incredibly easy to park! Camper vans are often slightly wider and not much … [Read More...]