Conversion Van vs. Minivan: A Mom’s Experience

This post is tailored specifically to all of you soldier mothers out there. You know who you are: the ones who take the kids to school, doctors’ appointments, friends’ houses and the gazillion other activities that growing up in 2015 requires these days! We don’t know about you, but we know that many moms feel as if they spend most of their day as a taxi cab driver, with no tips! Don’t get us wrong, we understand that getting your little ones to and from all of their events is rewarding as a … [Read More...]

Inventory Spotlight: 2015 Honda Odyssey EX-L With VMI Northstar Conversion

The Honda Odyssey minivan with the VMI Northstar Conversion is considered one of the industry’s best side entry, lowered floor, and premium wheelchair conversion vans. The Honda Odyssey is no stranger to accolades. The Odyssey was given the IntelliChoice “Best Overall Van of The Year.” In this 2015 Honda wheelchair van, you have a winning combination. You have the best-in-class minivan marrying the premium Northstar Conversion. If you’re shopping for a reliable, quality wheelchair minivan, … [Read More...]

190 Popular: A Look into Roadtrek Motors

Since 1980, Roadtrek motors has been creating stylish and functional campervans that yield return buyers time over time. The 190 Popular is one of Roadtrek’s original models. It offers a perfect balance of interior space and exterior size. The compact size of the 190 Popular and smooth clean lines of its exterior make this Class B motorhome, well…Popular! Manufactured on a Chevy chassis, the 190 Popular model is a pleasure to drive and easy to park. Exterior Features: Clean and sleek … [Read More...]

Roadtrek Conversions: Delivering Quality, Custom Fitted Motorhomes

In 1974, Jack Hanemaayer had a vision of adventure. Hanemaayer was fascinated with the idea of combining the comforts of a larger motorhome into a compact and easy-to-drive conversion van. After purchasing Home & Park Vehicles Limited in 1974, six years later, the world’s first Roadtrek motorhome was built. Today, the Roadtrek’s timeless design of a sweeping roofline, lowered floor and three-section floor plan is still seen 35 years later in their ever popular and innovative conversion … [Read More...]